Tall- and short stem

In our assortment we not only have tall stemmed fruit trees, but also short stemmed fruit trees. Both kind of trees do we inoculate and subsequently cultivate personally. During a half-year they get optimal care in a pot of 3L. In September, we plant them out in full ground so that the base of the root system can develop before winter begins. Hence, in spring the grow of our tall- and short stemmed fruit trees starts directly in natural ground. As soon as the trees are strong and heavy, we deliver them you in the sizes 12-14 up to and including 25-30. 

Since the foundation of our tree nursery in Opheusden in 1995, we are grown up to a concept in the world of tree nurseries. Besides the delivery of quality, passion and know-how are our most important features. For more information, please call us: +31(0)488-440136.

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